Project: Smart flow meters for measuring the household consumption of drinking water

This project develops the full range of activities that start with the idea and end with the zero series production, thus opening prospects for the manufacturing sector. The project is based on the results of another research on water metering and on the patent RO nº 122977 concerning a method and a sensor for measuring the fluid flow.

The idea of ​​a smart meter started from the currently existing market requirements that reflect the interest of both water and heat consumers in such a product.

The need to comply with the environmental local as well as globalized legislation is a consequence of the degradation of water sources and is subject to an international program established by the Bonn Charter for the safe drinking water.

Especially since 2006, it has been observed an increasing demand from the drinking water providers for the pre-equipped water meters which ensure the communication with each control centre of the distribution network, be it local or sectorial. The adoption of the pre-equipped meters means a change in the mentality of the water providers and suppliers showing their awareness about the advantages of a water meter able to communicate with a monitoring centre and also represents a change in the existing supplier - customer  relationship. This fact justifies the interest of both suppliers and customers for the smart meters.

The basic attributes of the smart meter are its acquisition cost and the quality of its services. The price of a smart meter is a benchmark in choosing it as a necessary tool while its functions increase the monitoring service quality and encourage its acquisition by the water providers or beneficiaries.

The smart (electronic) meters mean a correct measurement technology and a real-time meter consumption verification thus eliminating the need that a third party read the apartment meters and increasing the providers’ confidence in the meter reading and in the simultaneous transmission of the meter and the branch counter reading results .